Authors and Speakers

Authors and Speakers

Congratulations - you've been selected to present at the AMS 101st Annual Meeting! Please see below for all of the information you'll need to give a successful Virtual Presentation. 

Presenter's Zone

You can manage your Speaker Profile by visiting the New Presenter’s Zone to:

  • Check/Change Abstract Title and Author List
  • Upload Speaker's Bio
  • Upload Presentation Files for Live Sessions 
  • Upload Homework Files
    • Extended Abstract and Supplementary Information

Important Dates for Presenter's Zone

  • Edit abstract title and author list: 28 December 
  • Upload presentation and homework files: 28 December
  • Deadline to upload Extended Abstracts 

*It is extremely important that presenters upload all necessary files into Presenter’s Zone by 28 December. If they are not uploaded on time, the presentation will be withdrawn from the program.* 



Paper Presentation (Lightning Talk)

Most oral sessions during the virtual 101st Annual Meeting will consist of 5 minute live Lightning Talks. These live paper presentations will consist of a brief summary by the speaker but should focus on Q&A and/or discussion. 

  • Speakers MUST submit (1) summary slide that will be shown by tech support during their scheduled live presentation time. 
  • Speakers MUST also upload a prerecorded 15 minute presentation video file that attendees can watch as homework before the live paper presentation time. 
  • The summary slide and presentation video file MUST  be uploaded by 28 December
  • Papers without these files uploaded into Presenter’s Zone by the deadline will be withdrawn from the program. Unless otherwise noted, paper presentations occur in 5 minute increments.

Keynote Presentation and Lectures

Some oral sessions will include a keynote presentation or lecture. A  keynote or lecture, for the virtual 101st Annual Meeting is defined as a live talk that is longer than 5 minutes. 

  • Keynote speakers and lecturers must upload a prerecorded presentation video file to Presenter’s Zone by 28 December but it will not be available for viewing before the live Keynote presentation or lecture time. The prerecorded presentation file will only be shown in event of technical difficulty. 
  • Keynote speakers and lecturers must also upload their presentation slides to Presenter’s Zone by 28 December as they will be shown by tech support during their live Keynote presentation or lecture time. 
  • Keynote speakers and lectures will not be able to share their screen during their presentation. 
  • Any keynote or lecture that has not uploaded the presentation file and slides by 28 December will be withdrawn.

Panel Discussion

Other oral sessions will be organized as a panel discussion. A panel discussion is a live discussion involving multiple speakers. 

  • Speakers may or may not have slides but if they do, all slides must be uploaded into Presenter’s Zone by 28 December as they will be shown by tech support during the live Panel Discussion time. 
  • Panelists will not be able to share their screen. 
  • Panel discussion sessions will include time for Q&A/Discussion at the end of the Session block.

 Poster Presentation

In order to organize a successful virtual event, the AMS and the Overall Planning Committee for the 101st Annual Meeting did condense the amount of concurrent sessions for the virtual meeting down to 24 (rather than the 45+ concurrent sessions normally held during an in person AMS Annual Meeting). While changing our format to focus mainly on 5 minute lightning talks during oral sessions did help us to assign almost as many of our abstracts to oral presentations as in an in person meeting, some abstract submitters may be assigned a virtual poster, rather than the oral presentation that they indicated as a preference during submission. While we will keep these submissions in mind in the event of an oral presentation cancellation/withdrawal, we do want to make note that the virtual posters for the 101st Annual Meeting will offer presenters much more functionality than an in person meeting. 


All poster presenters MUST upload a pdf of their poster image and a smaller thumbnail image that will display with the title. Poster presenters also have the opportunity to upload a 15 minute pre-recorded video presentation file about their poster that attendees can watch as homework before the poster sessions. We strongly encourage all poster presenters to take advantage of this option. We will provide more details on the file requirement for the presentation at a later date. During their designated poster session, poster presenters will be able to interact with attendees through text chat as well as video chat.


Deadline to submit everything to us is December 28th 11:59pm (Eastern) 


101st Annual Meeting Oral Presenter Information

101st Annual Meeting Poster Presenter Information

Extended Abstract Instructions

Annual Meeting Session Chair Information, including Roles and Responsibilities, can be found here

Professional and Respectful Conduct at AMS Meetings

Need to report unprofessional or disrespectful conduct? Email or call 617-226-3965.

This statement is meant to cover all meeting-associated events, including those sponsored by organizations other than AMS but held in relation to AMS events.  This includes the scientific program, short courses, and exhibitions, as well as receptions, town hall meetings, and other informal or formal gatherings associated with AMS. Similarly, participants shall adhere to this code of conduct in online spaces related to the meeting and meeting-associated events, including Facebook, Twitter, and other online venues.

  • AMS is committed to safe and inclusive meetings for all attendees.
  • Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated at any meeting or event associated with the meeting.
  • All communication should be appropriate for a professional audience including people of many different backgrounds. Be inclusive and respectful.
  • Those who violate the standards of professional and respectful conduct may be asked to leave the meeting immediately and without refund, may not be considered for service on AMS boards and committees, and may be subject to additional legal action.
  • Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination includes offensive comments and actions related to age, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion; sexual images in public spaces; deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following; harassing photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or other events; inappropriate physical contact; and unwelcome sexual attention.
  • If you are the subject of unacceptable behavior or have witnessed any such behavior, please immediately:
  • If you witness or experience behavior that constitutes an immediate and serious threat, please call 911.
  • Members of the response team: 
    • Keith Seitter, Executive Director
    • Stephanie Armstrong, Associate Executive Director
    • Brian Papa, Associate Executive Director
    • Jen Ives, Senior Meetings Manager
    • Jen Rosen, Senior Exhibits Manager
    • Claudia Gorski, Director of Meetings
    • Wendy Abshire, Education Program Director

Inclusivity at AMS

 AMS is committed to creating an environment for meetings that “embraces diversity through the inclusion of individuals across age, gender, race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, physical ability, marital status, sexual orientation, body shape or size, gender identity and expression, socioeconomic status, and other facets of social diversity” (see: Diversity and Inclusion at AMS).  

Inclusivity at the 101st Annual Meeting

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) is committed to, and benefits from the full and equitable participation of a diverse community in its membership, in its activities, and in the audiences that it serves.

Plans for making the 101st Annual Meeting inclusive for all include:

  • Any meeting participant will be able to honor the languages they speak as well as preferred gender pronouns with a sticker for their badge
  • AMS is offering childcare grants of up to $400 per family to assist conference attendees who will incur additional expenses by virtually attending and/or presenting at the Annual Meeting. Limited funds are available, and preference is given to applicants in the early stages of their career. As a secondary criterion, preference will be given to applicants who explain clearly why a grant to support childcare, dependent care, or their own assistance is necessary. To apply, please fill in the form and email it to Christine Card,, by 1 November.
  • AMS Meetings staff arranges accessibility accommodations in accordance with the ADA.
  • AMS has developed and continually enforces its policy Professional and Respectful Conduct at AMS Meetings.
  • During the Second Symposium on Diversity and Inclusion, sessions that are cross-cutting between DEI, belongingness, and accessibility (DEIBA) and the geophysical sciences will take place. The intent is to create joint sessions between underrepresented communities and the geophysical processes that impact them. For more information, visit the Second Symposium on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion webpage

For more information about Diversity and Inclusion at AMS, please visit: Diversity and Inclusion at AMS