Message on Concerns of Having the AMS Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas

We recognize that some have expressed concerns about having the 102nd AMS Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas, this coming January.  Some of those concerns arise due to the resurgence of new strains of covid-19 and others are due to policies that have been adopted by the state of Texas.  AMS is executing this meeting as a fully hybrid experience to help address concerns of having an in-person meeting at this time and in this location, and we encourage everyone in our community to participate in the knowledge that it will be a rich experience for presenters and attendees whether they are in Houston or participating virtually.

With respect to the policy concerns that some have expressed, we hear and appreciate those concerns.  Because Houston is a diverse community that has felt the impacts of several weather-related disasters in just the past few years, we feel it is important that the AMS engage with that community, and we expect our presence there and our messaging with those communities during the annual meeting to be beneficial and of value. We are already working with local Houston officials to have this be more than just another meeting that happens to be in this city.  We plan to take advantage of this location to show the value of our science and to promote science-based policies, as well as policies that contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion.