13th Conference on Environment and Health

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The 13th Conference on Environment and Health is organized by the AMS Board on Environment and Health.

Call for Papers

Papers for the 13th Conference on Environment and Health are solicited on the following:

  • Heat in the city: science and solutions;
  • Community engagement for air quality and health applications from new generation satellite observations;
  • Mental health consequences of extreme weather, climate events, and air pollution;
  • Advancing awareness of environmental threats to human health through the integration of NASA Earth Observations;
  • Food insecurity and health, including linkages with atmospheric CO2;
  • Exploring the role of climate and weather in infectious disease patterns and health security;
  • Energy security, extreme weather, and health;
  • The human cost of extreme weather: towards equitable and usable extreme event risk assessment;
  • Improving projections of heat-health outcomes with climate change;
  • Air quality in Texas cities: the good, the bad, and the ugly;
  • Integrating the weather and health and climate change and health communities;
  • Other topics in environment and health.

Student Award Opportunities

Six (6) presentation awards, in total, will be extended to the top student presenters (undergraduate or graduate) participating in the 13th Conference on Environment and Health. The awards of up to $200 will be given for outstanding oral and poster presentations to assist with the expenses of participating in the conference and a certificate of achievement from the AMS. Students will be graded by board members. To be eligible, students must participate in the 13th Conference on Environment and Health and must be a current student in good academic standing (e.g. not on probation or disciplinary action for grades or conduct).

Conference Contacts

For additional information, please contact the program chairs: Kacey Ernst ([email protected]) and David Hondula ([email protected]).