Starting a "Storm Chasing" Course at Your College or University

This virtual short course will provide guidance to faculty wishing to set up severe storms field observation courses at their universities or colleges. 

(Date & Time Not Announced)

Duration: Full Day
Participant Cap: Not Announced

Course Description:

Atmospheric science courses involving field observations of severe storms are increasing in popularity. Recent scholarship indicates that such courses can confer significant aspirational and knowledge gains on both undergraduate and graduate students, confirming their value within a teaching and learning context. 

In this short course, two experienced instructors of severe storms field observation courses will provide guidance to faculty wishing to set up similar courses at their respective universities or colleges. The instructors will offer evidence-based research on best practices for maximizing student learning. Particular attention will be paid to developing such courses with limited budgets or resources, enhancing participant safety, incorporating atmospheric measurements, and to making such courses accessible to a wider audience of students, including those with disabilities.

Each participant must bring a laptop capable of wireless internet.


headshot of Robin Tanamachi
Robin Tanamachi

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Jana B. Houser

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