An Introduction from AMS

Planning is underway for the 2025 AMS Annual Meeting to be held 12–16 January 2025 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

We are excited about how our theme for this 105th Annual Meeting: “Towards a Thriving Planet: Charting the Course Across Scales” has come together thanks to the hard work of AMS President, Anjuli Bamzai, and the Overall Planning Committee, Patrick Harr, Jin Huang, Rebecca Morss, (co-chairs), Doug Hilderbrand, Charles Jackson, Renu Joseph, Yaitza Luna-Cruz, Barry Keim, Bryan Norcross, Ali Omar, Melissa Piper, Jason Samenow, Ashish Sharma, Gyami Shreshta, and Castle Williamsberg.

The Overall Planning Committee and Program Chairs will seek input from our community when setting the scientific and technical program. The deadline to provide input by submitting a Session Topic Proposal was 2 May. Submitters will be notified in early June regarding the acceptance status of Topic Proposals. Please note that submitter involvement is determined at the Program Chairs' discretion. Program Chairs will be in touch with you in May to discuss the role of session chair for any sessions related to your topic. The topic may be withdrawn if we do not receive enough submissions. Your User Portal provides a list of entries/submissions (such as topics or abstracts you have submitted) OR on which you are the presenting author. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please reach out to the AMS Meetings Department at [email protected].

Officers of the AMS 105th Annual Meeting

2025 Overall Planning Committee

Patrick Harr, Jin Huang, and Rebecca Morss, Co-chairpersons
Doug Hilderbrand, Charles Jackson, Renu Joseph, Yaitza Luna-Cruz, Barry Keim, Bryan Norcross, Ali Omar, Melissa Piper, Jason Samenow, Ashish Sharma, Gyami Shreshta, and Castle Williamsberg. 

Local Organizing Committee

David Bernard; Dan Burger; Josh Eachus; Michael Feldman; Doug Hilderbrand; Barry Keim; Jake Lambright; Danielle Manning; Carlos Martinez; Paul Miller; Rebecca Morss; Todd Murphy; Lauren Nash; John Ben Soileau; Casey Tingle; Jill Trepanier; Suzanne Van Cooten; Jacob Zeringue.

Program Chairpersons

Manda Adams; Adeyemi Adebiyi; Jose-Henrique Alves; Bob Atlas; Tom Auligne; David Bader; Jane Baldwin; Rory Barton-Grimley; Nick Bassill; Tom Bedard; Stephen Bennet; Sophia Brumer; Deztenee Bryan; Melissa Burt; Suzana Camargo; Timothy Carroll; Abhishek Chatterjee; Craig Clements; Scott Collis; Jason (Jay) Cordeira; Marc Cotnoir; Gerry Creager; Juan Crespo; Brian D’Agostino; Jon Davis; Staci DeSchryver; Michael Diamond; Anthony Didlake; Elizabeth DiGangi; Gregory Dusek; Alec Engell; Tanja Fransen; Iman Gohari; Bob Goldhammer; Max Grover; Josh Hacker; Matthew Hamel; Austin Harris; Stephanie Herring; Kyle Hilburn; Robbie Hood; Aixue Hu ; Sasha Ivans; Jamey Jacob; Scott Jacobs; Neil Jacobs; Eric Janderson; Andrea Jenney; Youngji Joh; Hunter Jones; Katie Jones; Satya Kalluri; Gretchen Keppel-Aleks; Kyle Knipper; Karen Kosiba; Alek Krautmann; Lisa Kriederman; Christine Kruse; Christina Kumler; James Kurdzo; Nick Kyper; John Lanicci; Zachary Lebo; Renee Leduc; Jared Lee; Qing Liang; Katie Magee; Kathleen Mahoney; Julie Maldonado; Stephen Mango; Carlos Martinez; Jeff Massey; Victor Mayta; Angel McCoy; Gary McWilliams; Jennifer Meehan; Shakila Merchant; Michael Michaud; Gretchen Mullendore; Danielle Nagele; Terry Nathan; Erik Nielsen; Chibueze Oguejiofor; Mark Papier; Emily Pauline; Michael Peterson; Melissa Piper; Zhaoxia Pu; Yun Qian; Jared Rennie; Nicole Casamassina Rockwell; Jaret Rogers; Johna Rudzin; Tim Schneider; David Schvartzman; Eileen Shea; Laura Shedd; Keith Sherburn; Owen Shieh; Timothy Sliwinski; Michelle Spencer; Zeljka Stone; Stephen Strader; Diamond Tachera; Jing Tao; Hendrik Tolman; Jessica Tomaszewski; Tiffany Vance; Eddie Wolff; Kim Wood; Martin Yapur; Jim Yoe; John Yorks; Zhibo Zhang; Yunji Zhang; Xue Zheng.

Meetings Department Staff

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Jen Ives, Director of Meetings
Jenn Rosen, AMS Senior Meetings & Exhibits Manager
Marissa Welch, Assistant Meeting Manager
Cati Iannarilli, Assistant Meeting Manager
Jeiry Nin, Senior Meetings Coordinator
Christine Card, Meetings Coordinator
Jessica Hanley, Meetings Coordinator
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Anna Vock, Meetings Coordinator
Allison Milliken, Meetings Coordinator