Presidential Town Hall with Bill Gail

Thursday, lonAD, 12:15 p.m.–1:15 p.m.
210 AB

Bill Gail

Global Weather Corp.

Pathways to Tackle Future Challenges

In anticipation of the 100th year of the AMS, the leadership established a Centennial Committee chaired by former AMS President Bill Gail. One goal of the Committee was to assess emerging issues and anticipate the grand challenges of the future. The AMS community was invited to contribute perspectives on the greatest challenges facing our society in the coming 100 years. Three overarching themes emerged as the feedback was organized: advance science, applications, capabilities, and ourselves; amplify our impact on society; and respond to society's growing needs and opportunities. The top priority for each theme was identified through an AMS-wide voting process: to educate new generations, to enhance dialogue with the public and Congress, and to ensure sustainability of Earth and its resources.

Led by Bill Gail, this town hall will be an engaging, participatory dialog designed to identify how AMS members can respond to the challenges identified through this society-wide process. This town hall will mark the initiation of a continuous dialog intended to ensure that the AMS community leads the US and the world in meeting today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges.

For more information, please contact Kristen Averyt at [email protected] & Yvette Pamela Richardson at [email protected].