97th AMS Annual Meeting | 22–26 January 2017 | Seattle, WA

Side Panel Proposals


We are now accepting submissions for a new Side Panel Program which is partnered with Town Hall Meetings. Please consider submitting a Town Hall meeting should the Side Panel formatting conflict with the needs of the event.


  • November issue of BAMS:  23 August 2016

  • Final program deadline: 15 November 2016

  • Edits to Townhall/Side Panel information: 15 December 2016


  • Please note that Town Hall Meetings & Side Panel Discussion are accepted on a first come first server basis. We have limited space in Seattle so submit a proposal as soon as possible. 

  • A confirmation email will be sent upon beginning and completing a submission proposal. This email will contain an ID and Password which will grant you access to update Side Panel Information so please save these emails. 

  • Recordings: Side Panel discussions offer the option to record. The panelist(s)/presenter(s) must be added to the people step of the form if a supplementary file will be presented during the panel. Adding this person creates an entry to upload to in advance. 

  • Town Hall meetings and Side Panel Discussions will be scheduled either before sessions, mid-day, or after sessions end and will not be scheduled up against the technical sessions of the Annual Meeting.

  • One uploaded supplementary File is permitted for each panelist/speaker which can be uploaded online or in the speaker ready room. This entry will be associated with the Panelist/Presenter's name only. Please upload your supplementary file(s) in the Speaker ready room at least 3 hours in advance of your Town Hall Meeting or Side Panel Discussion. Onsite Uploading can be done as soon the Speaker Ready Room opens.

  • Room Set-up: All rooms are set theater with a head table for 5. Please review the basic room set below.  Additional A/V may be ordered for Side Panels but a fee will incur with most requests. Pricing is laid out within the submission process.


Basic room set for the audio/visual includes:

  • 1 Screen of appropriate size; 
  • 1 Data/Video Projector; 
  • 1 AMS Supplied PC; 
  • 1 Connection for an author supplied computer; 
  • Digital Timer; 
  • 1 Podium microphone; 
  • 1 Lavaliere microphone; 
  • 2 table mics and 
  • 1 audience microphone


AV Equipment Requests:

  • Additional Screen (Dual-Projection): ($100)
  • Additional LCD Projector (Needed for Dual-Projection): ($350)
  • Flipchart with Markers: ($40)
  • Panelist Microphone(s): ($40 each)
  • Supplementary slides will be used (no charge)
  • Voice recording ONLY: ($150)
  • Voice and slide recording: ($350) 

Be sure to reference the grid of currently scheduled Town Halls and Side Panels before selecting a date & time preference.


Please address all questions regarding Town Hall Meetings to Ricky Sidla and Claudia Gorski