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Town Hall Meeting: CubeOpera Weather: Forecasting with CubeSats

Wednesday, 5 February, 12:15–1:15 p.m.;Room C206

The United States has been lofting weather satellites since 1960. In that time, our Earth observation platforms have become technological wonders that enable unprecedented research and forecasting. At the same time, they have become more costly, require longer development times, and our reliance on them has only grown. These trends are at odds with the current economic atmosphere and the clash has resulted in an imminent gap in polar satellite coverage and potential loss of continuity across Earth observation programs. Is there a way out of the quandary? 

Join INNOVIM and NanoSatisfi in a panel discussion about the future of weather forecasting and the role CubeSats can play in that future. We will introduce our CubeOpera™ Weather initiative, a constellation of satellites providing higher frequency, increased granularity Earth observation at a fraction of traditional satellite costs. We will bring experts to weigh in on the needs of the weather community, the current and future capability of CubeSat-oriented technology, and the potential challenges that lie ahead. Add your voice to the ‘opera,’ with your ideas for how to improve weather forecasting using the new technologies now coming of age.

For additional information, please contact Victoria Thompson at 443-699-0668 or [email protected].