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Town Hall Meeting: NOAA’s Weather Modeling Strategy

Monday, 3 February, 12:15–1:15 P.M.;Room C201

In the wake of recent disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, there is a new community awareness of the operational high-performance computing needs of NOAA. In response, NOAA is investing substantial additional resources to increase its operational computing capacity. The target of a 2 petaflop machine in 2018 represents a 10-fold increase from computing resources in 2013. These resources afford a rapid and radical evolution of the operational NOAA modeling suite over the next five years. However, to make it the best end-to-end system necessitates an unprecedented coordination among the modeling, forecaster, academic, and private sector user-communities.

In an effort to foster this coordination, the AMS Board for Operational Government Meteorologists and the AMS Weather Analysis and Forecasting Committee are sponsoring a Town Hall Meeting on NOAA’s strategy for operational numerical weather prediction. In particular, the Town Hall will discuss NOAA’s strategy for applying these high performance computing resources to improve operational weather forecasting. NOAA officials will be present to explain the strategy and discuss current plans for the modeling system evolution.  Special emphasis will be placed on plans to implement a global 10 km forecast system and the implementation of a CONUS storm scale ensemble. Representatives from the forecaster, academic, and private sector community will be present to discuss the opportunities and challenges the rapid evolution of the model suite presents.

For additional information, please contact Trisha Palmer (e-mail: [email protected].