97th AMS Annual Meeting | 22–26 January 2017 | Seattle, WA

Modeling Research in the Cloud

Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 12:15–1:15 P.M.; Room 605
view in conference program

Cloud computing represents a fundamental change in the way IT services are developed, deployed, operated, and paid for, placing science communities in the middle of a major paradigm shift. The cloud appears to be a potential avenue for researchers to gain access to significant computing resources beyond the traditional supercomputing centers for end-to-end modeling studies, democratizing access to high performance computing resources, vast amounts of storage, and unprecedented access to large volumes of data. Historically, the modeling research community has relied mostly on high performance computing facilities and campus computing clusters to perform predictions. With the maturity of and significant advances in cloud computing, it has recently emerged as an alternative new paradigm for hosting and delivering a broad array of services over the Internet. This Town Hall will gather community input toward organizing a community workshop to explore the potential for advancing "Modeling Research in the Cloud."

For additional information, please contact Mohan Ramamurthy ([email protected]).