97th AMS Annual Meeting | 22–26 January 2017 | Seattle, WA

Meteorological Observations, Instrumentation, and Data Assimilation

22 January 2017, Seattle, WA ROOM: Skagit 2
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Preliminary Agenda: Data Assimilation SC

This short course will include a mix of presentations, discussions, and hands on exercises including wiring and programming a data logger (the centerpiece of all weather stations), a world-class mesonet program, the ground-based remote sensing, data assimilation, and the innovative technique of unmanned aerial vehicle.

Specifically, this short course is to introduce the basic knowledge of the meteorological observations, instrumentation, operations and data collection, to conduct the ground-based remote sensing with application to the offshore wind farms, and to integrate the observational data into a mesoscale meteorological model. The WRF data assimilation includes the discussion of the fundamentals and the demonstration of a practical case study. This short course also describes the development of small, affordable unmanned systems, to expand the understanding of atmospheric conditions and improve weather forecasting, and to fundamentally demonstrate the value of using small unmanned aircraft to monitor and investigate the lower atmosphere.

Please join us for this short course designed to introduce and discuss all aspects of setting up and operating a meteorological mesoscale network.  Well over a dozen states have some form of a mesonet already in place, providing critical real-time weather information to a variety of sectors, including emergency management, agriculture, utilities, and transportation among others.  Yet these networks are amazingly complex.  This short course will introduce many of the steps involved in setting up and operating a large-scale network.  Topics will include: Network design; Station siting and permitting; Station configuration; Sensor selection; Power; Communications; Data Quality Control; and Network operations.

For more information please contact C. H. (Chester) Huang; [email protected] 


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