Child-Care Services

For attendees that are in need of childcare while in Phoenix, a few options are available:

  1. Child Care Resource & Referral (—Attendees or guests can call and give the details of the type of care they are looking for (age of child, hours needed, location, etc.) and in minutes will receive an e-mail or phone call with a list of all the facilities that fulfill the specifications. Visit their website or call or write for more information (tel: 602-244-2678; mailing address: 3910 S. Rural Rd., Ste, O, Tempe, AZ 85282).
  2. Sunrise Preschool 107 (tel: 602-263-0985; website:; mailing address: 1819 W. Osborne Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85015).
  3. Attendees may contact the concierge at their hotel for a list of childcare providers and children's programs.