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Oral Presenters

Please visit http://annual.ametsoc.org/index.cfm/2015/information-for/presenters/guidelines-for-oral-and-poster-presenters/ for more information regarding your presentation.

All program chairpersons, session chairpersons, and oral and poster presenters are encouraged to visit the Speaker Ready Room, located in Room 121A, if they have questions concerning their presentation or the meeting rooms. AMS support staff will be available to answer questions concerning room setup, audio/visual support, and practicing presentations.

If any problems or concerns with the audio/visual and/or computer equipment, Internet services, temperature of a meeting room, meeting room lighting, or room overcrowding are encountered, presenters and attendees are asked to report their concerns to the student assistant assigned to that conference or session, or to the staff member on duty at the Speaker Ready Room. All student assistants will have a green ribbon attached to their name badge to help identify them.

Please note that AMS will supply the following standard equipment for each meeting room:

  • one screen of appropriate size
  • a podium microphone
  • a lavaliere microphone
  • a laptop (PC)
  • a speaker timer
  • data/video projector

If an overhead projector or additional special equipment, such as a Beta SP, VCR, or 35-mm projector, is needed, please contact Marjorie Huntington of the AMS Meetings staff ([email protected]). There is a nominal charge for the use of Beta SP or VCR playback equipment. Please have all requests to AMS by 19 December 2014. AMS cannot accommodate any on-site requests for equipment that is not part of the basic room set.

Recording of Presentations

In an attempt to expand the audience for presentations and to provide a more complete and permanent record of the authors' remarks, the AMS would like to record the voices of authors and their slides as their presentations are being made in cases where authors are willing to grant the Society permission. To facilitate the recordings, and to make things easier for all attending the meeting, presenters are asked to load their presentation well in advance of the scheduled presentation time. Recorded presentations will be available on the AMS website (www.ametsoc.org) after the meeting.

Loading Presentations before the Meeting

Files may be uploaded to the Presenters’ Corner in advance of the meeting. All files submitted online prior to 24 December 2014  will be loaded onto the meeting room PCs before the start of the meeting.  Presenters wishing to check on their files before their scheduled presentation time, you may visit the Speaker Ready Room on site. This option is available to all presenters. 


Loading Presentations at the Meeting Speaker Ready Room

Room 121A

On site, speakers may upload their presentations onto the Speaker Ready Room computers, which are networked to the proper meeting room. The use of personal laptops for presentations, which can cause technical delays and cut into a presenter’s time, is discouraged. The Speaker Ready Room hours of operation are listed below:

Sunday, 4 January                      

Monday, 5 January                      

Tuesday, 6 January                      

Wednesday, 7 January                      

Thursday, 8 January                      

2:00–6:30 p.m.

7:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

7:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

7:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

7:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m

Presenters who choose to load their presentations at the meeting will be required to use special installer software running on the Speaker Ready Room PC, which is networked to the meeting room PC. These presenters will not be permitted to store their files on the PC desktop. Instead, the installer software will automatically create a special directory for those files. Once stored to the directory, presenters will be able to check that their files were copied and that they will run properly.

Speakers who wish to load files at the meeting site need to bring their presentations on one of the following media:

  • USB hard drive (Pocket Drive)
  • USB flash drive
  • CD-ROM
  • CD-R
  • DVD

Use of rewritable CDs (CD-RW) should be avoided due to compatibility issues with the meeting room PCs. Presenters seeking to edit their presentations on site using a laptop that has a USB port will need to copy their files from their laptop to the AMS PC using a USB storage device.  Presenters are reminded to take their storage device with them when finished uploading their presentation.

The AMS PCs in the Speaker Ready Room and presentation rooms  will have the following software installed: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.x or higher, QuickTime 7.x or higher, Macromedia Flash Player 11.x or higher, and Internet Explorer 8.x or higher.

Images, Videos, and Animations in Presentations

If graphics or video clips are not embedded within a presentation, they will need to be made available for downloading as well. Internal links should be checked at the meeting to ensure that they are still functional.

Video Formats and Codecs

Presenters are asked to make sure that video formats and codecs used for compressed animation and video files are generic; not video hardware–specific.

Note on Mac-Produced Presentations

To ensure that Mac-produced presentations remain as close to the original as possible, the following simple guidelines are offered for presentations before they are to be transferred to the AMS onsite computer.

Images should be inserted from within Powerpoint using the “Insert Image” command and not dragged and dropped from other applications.

It is strongly recommended that presenters test their Mac-produced presentations on a Windows-based system before arriving at the meeting.