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Presenter's Corner

Presenters, you can upload files (oral presentation file, extended abstract, handouts, supplementary URL, and poster image file), edit your abstract title and author list, and withdraw your abstract in Presenter’s Corner.

Important Dates
Edit abstract title and author list: 3 November

Upload presentation before meeting: 24 December

Upload supplementary info: 9 February

29th Conference on Hydrology

The theme for the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting is “Fulfilling the Vision of Weather, Water, and Climate Information for Every Need, Time, and Place”. People, businesses, and governments depend increasingly on weather, water, and climate information matched to their specific needs. We are converging on a day when such information is integrated into nearly every decision or action people take. This revolution in highly targeted, customized information - delivered when and where it is most useful - will make our lives safer, more productive, and more enjoyable.  The challenge for our community is this: collaborate and innovate to develop – and ultimately deliver – actionable, user-specific weather, water, and climate information across all spatial and temporal scales in support of our nation’s safety, health, and prosperity. The meeting will explore the many topics required for our community to implement this vision.

Papers for the 29th Conference on Hydrology are solicited on advances in hydrology, hydrometeorology, and hydroclimatology, both from a scientific and operational perspective with a weight towards issues affecting the western U.S. and Mexico.  The conference will be broken down into several themes: Hydrometeorological Extremes; Water and Society; US and Mexico Border Region; and Computational and Data Advances.  Topical sessions will include Urban Climate and Water; Water Resources: From Forecaster to Water Manager; North American Monsoon; Western Water Supply; Drought Analysis and Prediction; Flood Analysis and Prediction; Hydrometeorological Applications and Services; Snow Processes; Advances in Evaporation and Evaporative Demand; Hydrological Remote Sensing; Precipitation Processes and Observations for Atmospheric, Land Surface, and Hydrological Modeling; Land Data Assimilation Techniques and Systems; Integrated Metrics and Benchmarking for Next Generation Hydro/Land Surface Modeling of the Water Cycle.

Session Topic Proposals

The Hydrology Committee will consider proposals for additional session topics that match the theme of the 29th Conference on Hydrology.  Please contact the program chairperson(s) by 1 May 2014 if you would like to propose a session topic.

Student Award Opportunities

The Hydrology Committee is pleased to once again offer need-based travel grants and a student paper competition with awards for exemplary student poster and oral presentations.  For more information concerning student travel grants and student paper awards, please contact the conference chairpersons.

Program Chair(s)

For additional information please contact the program chairpersons: Enrique Vivoni, [email protected]; and John Eylander,[email protected].