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Presenter's Corner

Presenters, you can upload files (oral presentation file, extended abstract, handouts, supplementary URL, and poster image file), edit your abstract title and author list, and withdraw your abstract in Presenter’s Corner.

Important Dates
Edit abstract title and author list: 3 November

Upload presentation before meeting: 24 December

Upload supplementary info: 9 February

Seventh Conference on the Meteorological Applications of Lightning Data

Papers for the 7th Conference on the Meteorological Applications of Lightning Data are solicited for topics that address the Annual Meeting theme of user specific, integrated information. These include: 1) lightning warning and prediction of onset and cessation using observations and models, 2) the utility and impact of lightning data in operational warning and decision-making processes, and 3) lightning safety and protection.

Other solicited session topics include: 4) lightning in tropical cyclones, 5) lightning data assimilation and use in numerical weather prediction, 6) recent advances in lightning technology and transfer of that technology from research to operations, 7) lightning climatology,  8) lightning’s role in atmospheric chemistry and the global electric circuit, 9) scientific applications of lightning photography and videography, 10) lightning physics, and 11) general applications of atmospheric electricity and lightning data.

Program Chair(s)

For additional information please contact the program chairperson: Kristin M. Calhoun, National Severe Storms Laboratory, 120 David L. Boren Blvd, Norman, OK 73071, 405.325.6879, [email protected]