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Presenter's Corner

Presenters, you can upload files (oral presentation file, extended abstract, handouts, supplementary URL, and poster image file), edit your abstract title and author list, and withdraw your abstract in Presenter’s Corner.

Important Dates
Edit abstract title and author list: 3 November

Upload presentation before meeting: 24 December

Upload supplementary info: 9 February

Sixth Conference on Environment and Health

The overarching theme for the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting is “Fulfilling the Vision of Weather, Water, Climate Information for Every Need, Time, and Place.”  In the 6Health sessions, we will focus on the scientific, technical, and professional advances required to develop and deliver widespread, highly-customized weather, water, and climate information which impacts the health of human populations and the environment.  We therefore invite presenters to suggest mechanisms for solutions, including policy and research-to-operation activities, that can improve the field of study.  The 2015 theme is designed to combine scientific inquiry, technological advances, societal implications, and public awareness of the environment health risks associated with extreme and changing weather as we consider past, present, and future weather and climate conditions.

Topics for the 6Health will include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • Understanding diverse user needs and how to apply them for R&D (e.g., evaluation of current meteorological tools, community responses and behaviors to weather and climate policy, and evaluations of current weather policies or warning systems)
  • Innovative advances in quantifying weather and health (e.g., new techniques or tools which can improve the collection of data pertaining to health or health facilities impacted by weather as a means to improve future policy or enhance the resilience of healthcare institutions and the communities they serve)
  •  Ways of knowing: Weather, Health, and Happiness (e.g., emerging research focused on the intersections of weather, climate change, and individual to community level health and well being or viability)
  • Weather Extremes and Health (e.g., extreme weather’s impact on physical, mental, or emotional health of communities and tools which can improve future resilience or policy)
  • Air pollution and air quality impacts on health (e.g., development of modeling systems addressing emissions, meteorology, atmospheric dispersion, exposure, and corresponding health implications; including observational, applied, or validation study designs)
  •  Integrating climate, weather, and health models to predict human and ecological health risk outcomes on multiple time, decision, and resolution scales (e.g., development of model and tools used to assess the risk to health from changing climate and weather at variable scales; risks can include: extreme weather, vector diseases, pollen/pollution, WNV, Vibrio, HAB, and more)

The 6Health goal is to engage individuals between public health, medical, climate, water, and weather disciplines.  We look forward to fostering these collaborations and improving our understanding of the dynamic system of health and environment studies.

6Health is pleased to have joint sessions with the following conferences and groups:

  • 10th Symposium on Societal Applications: Policy, Research and Practice
  • Third Symposium on Building a Weather-Ready Nation: Enhancing Our Nation’s Readiness, Responsiveness, and Resilience to High Impact Weather Events
  • Committee on Ecological Forecasting
  • Committee on Meteorological Aspects of Air Pollution
  • Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise
  • Board on Enterprise Strategic Topics

Please submit your abstract electronically via the Web by 8 August 2014 (refer to the AMS Web page at http://www.ametsoc.org/meet/online_submit.html).   An abstract fee of $95 (payable by credit card or purchase order) is charged at the time of submission (refundable only if abstract is not accepted).   The $95 abstract fee includes the submission of your abstract, the posting of your extended abstract, and the uploading and recording of your presentation that will be archived on the AMS Web site.



Student Award Opportunities

In an effort to encourage young scientists to enter our field, and to support professionalization of graduate students, student travel allowances will be granted to two undergraduate students ($250 each) and two graduate students ($350 each). Interested students should submit a formal request for support that justifies their need and describes their interest in attending the meeting (one page maximum) to Austin Stanforth at [email protected] by 1 October. Please note that graduate applications will limited to those from presenters of accepted oral or poster presenters. Winners will be notified by 15 October.

In addition, four prizes (of $75 each) will be awarded in recognition of outstanding poster and oral presentations given by undergraduate and graduate students.

Program Chair(s)

For additional information please contact: George Luber- Chair ([email protected]), Mary Hayden ([email protected]), Claudia Langford ([email protected]), Austin Stanforth ([email protected])