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Presenter's Corner

Presenters, you can upload files (oral presentation file, extended abstract, handouts, supplementary URL, and poster image file), edit your abstract title and author list, and withdraw your abstract in Presenter’s Corner.

Important Dates
Edit abstract title and author list: 3 November

Upload presentation before meeting: 24 December

Upload supplementary info: 9 February

Special Symposium on Model Postprocessing and Downscaling

The theme for the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting is “Fulfilling the Vision of Weather, Water, and Climate Information for Every Need, Time, and Place”. People, businesses, and governments depend increasingly on weather, water, and climate information matched to their specific needs. We are converging on a day when such information is integrated into nearly every decision or action people take. This revolution in highly targeted, customized information - delivered when and where it is most useful - will make our lives safer, more productive, and more enjoyable.  The challenge for our community is this: collaborate and innovate to develop – and ultimately deliver – actionable, user-specific weather, water, and climate information across all spatial and temporal scales in support of our nation’s safety, health, and prosperity.  The meeting will explore the many topics required for our community to implement this vision.

The Special Symposium on Model Postprocessing and Downscaling will focus on topics related to postprocessing of forecasts to improve their performance and specificity, and to produce derived variables.  Presentations on these topics will be welcomed.  Because the symposium is limited to one day, it is expected that there will be a strong focus on poster presentations.

Program Chair(s)

For additional information please contact the program chairperson(s), Barbara Brown ([email protected]), Brian Etherton ([email protected]), and Scott Sellars ([email protected]).