100th AMS Annual Meeting | 12–16 January 2020 | Boston, MA

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The AMS is closing out our Centennial year at our 100th Annual Meeting. Join us in Boston and choose how you would like to take part!

Share your story in a fifteen-minute interview

Help AMS celebrate 100 years of meteorological advances and contribute your story in a fifteen-minute interview.

You can share your story about any aspect of your education, career, research, or any other facet of your experiences as a meteorologist at the AMS Oral History Project Booth, which will be located in Elm 1 and 2 in the Westin Waterfront.

Your personal account will become part of the AMS Oral History Project and an important part of the AMS Centennial celebration.

To make an appointment to share your story, please email amsoralhistoryproject@ametsoc.org. You can also stop by the booth with any questions or to make an appointment once on site.

Interviewers: Jinny Nathans, AMS Librarian and Curator; Sophie Mankins, AMS Archivist

Historical Instruments Display

The 2020 Annual Meeting will be the official conclusion to the year long celebration of the AMS's Centennial Year. In the past year, there have been many discussions about not only the history of AMS, but the history of our community and the advances with in. To celebrate this, AMS will be coordinating a Historical Instrument display at the AMS 100th Annual Meeting. Stop by the Exhibit Hall and take a look back at pieces of our community’s history on display

AMS History at the Annual Meeting

Check out the Meteorology/Atmospheric Science Family Tree.

Centennial Celebration

Join us in the Grand Ballroom of the BCEC on Wednesday evening for our highly anticipated Centennial Celebration. During this once in a lifetime event, we’ll travel back and party through the first decades of AMS. We hope you can make it! 

Student Conference

Time Capsule

What’s the one object that summarizes your studies of Meteorology? Is it Holton’s Dynamic Meteorology, whose end-of-the-chapter exercises/problems have kept you awake until 12Z? Is it a skew-T/log-P diagram depicting the sounding of a major storm that affected your university? Or is it the collective memories made with your fellow Meteorology majors? 

In conjunction with the AMS Centennial, the AMS Student Conference plans a community-wide effort to create and dedicate a time capsule encapsulating life as a meteorology student in 2020. This time capsule will be opened in fifty years, at the 2070 AMS Annual Meeting.

To capture the wide diversity of students, interests, and backgrounds across the country and world, we ask that each AMS local chapter or institution bring a piece of memorabilia to the 2020 Student Conference that answers the question “what makes you a meteorology student in 2020?” to contribute to the time capsule. There are no guidelines as to what local chapters or institutions can contribute, and creativity is encouraged! We do request, however, that items be no larger than a textbook. 

For students traveling to Boston on their own or for students wanting to leave a memento to future students beyond the contribution of their local chapter or institution, notecards with space for a message will be available during the Sunday morning coffee hour of the Student Conference.

We hope that this project not only brings together the current generation of Meteorology students but simultaneously gives meteorologists in the future the opportunity to glean life as a meteorology student in 2020. We thank the AMS for their dedication to this project. Join us with this effort to celebrate and capture a snapshot of our history! Any questions regarding this project can be directed to [email protected]


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Sign the AMS Birthday Card

Don’t forget to wish AMS a Happy Birthday by signing the larger than life birthday card in the Exhibit Hall.

Centennial Sessions and Presentations

Many of the conferences and symposia at the 100th Annual Meeting are hosting sessions and presentations that focus on the history of the weather, water, and climate field and/or of AMS to celebrate our centennial year. Click here for a full listing.

Want to know more about the AMS Centennial Celebration? Check out our web page and search for #AMS100 in your social media of choice.