Monday Networking Breakouts

The Monday Networking Breakouts will take place from 4:30-5:00pm (Eastern) in the virtual event platform. The general theme for the Monday Networking Breakouts is "Ice Breakers." These are the breakouts you will be able to attend:

  • Weather Photographers Unit- Join  Kristofer Tuftedal and discuss your favorite weather to photograph and more!
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts Rendezvous- Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Come share your favorite places and adventures with Rex Horner! 
  • We love to cook!- Get ready for Thursday's New Orleans cooking event by discussing your favorite things to cook with Tom Bedard and Becky DePodwin. 
  • Gaming is our “jam”- Is gaming your favorite way to unwind? Join your colleagues and chat about it. 
  • Snow Cones and Snow Caps- Grab a beverage, and come chat as we unwind from our first day !???????
  • Let’s break the ice with policy engagement- This breakout is an opportunity for people with an interest in policy to meet up to exchange thoughts and ideas. Members of the AMS Policy Program will be on hand and happy to offer thoughts on the Federal policy landscape but there's no set agenda. Participants might share views on why policy matters, talk about experiences with policy engagement, and exchange ideas about getting involved.
  • My Best Background and Other Fun Virtual Meeting TricksWe are all learning knew things in this virtual world! Join  Matt Lanza and Morgan Barry and share your best tips and tricks.
  • Networking with the Space Weather Community- Join  Barbara Thompson to meet other members of the Space Weather Community. 
  • Let’s meet your family!- Hop on Zoom with your family and share your thoughts on this new virtual world of balancing your work and home life when they are overlapping more than ever. 
  • BYOP (Bring Your Own Pets)- Do you have a dog, cat, fish, bunny, lizard or another fun pet? Bring them to this Zoom and show them off! 
  • Water Cooler Chat- Want to chat about something else? Jump on this Zoom and chat with your colleagues for a more informal networking experience.

If you have any questions or are interested in being a moderator for one of these Networking Breakouts please contact Marissa Welch

After reviewing all topics please take a moment to let us know which Networking Breakouts are of interest to you by completing this form.