Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings provide a valuable opportunity for extended interactive two-way dialogue among the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise and other interested groups for the benefit of the AMS community. These engagements can include a wide range of topic areas and formats that do not typically fit into the traditional AMS Annual Meeting program.

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  • Town Hall Meeting Application Portal Opens: 7 April 2022
  • Deadline to submit a Town Hall Meeting proposal: 27 June 2022
  • Town Hall Meeting Acceptance Notifications Sent: Late-August 2022
  • Town Hall Meeting Schedule: Early October 2022


  • Town Hall Meeting submissions are reviewed and approved by a subcommittee of the Overall Planning Committee for the Annual Meeting
  • All Town Hall Meetings are accepted on a first come first serve and space availability basis.
  • A confirmation email will be sent upon beginning and completing a submission proposal. This email will provide login credentials for editing your Town Hall Meeting submission through the deadline date noted above. 
  • Uploading: All Presentation Files should be short and will be copied to the desktop in the meeting room where the event is scheduled. This can be done during any break and organizers should notify their speakers of the aforementioned process. **Town hall related materials will not be uploaded in the speaker ready room**
  • Recording: Town Hall Meetings will be available in the hybrid format, same as all other session at the AMS 103rd Annual Meeting. This means they will all be recorded. 
  • More information on when Town Hall Meetings will be scheduled during the week of the Annual Meeting will be shared by Early October 2022. 
  • Room Set-up: All rooms are set theater with a head table. Please note that NO additional A/V can be ordered. 

Basic room set for the audio/visual includes: 

  • 1 Screen of appropriate size; 
  • 1 Data/Video Projector; 
  • 1 AMS Supplied PC; 
  • Digital Timer 
  • Head Table 
  • Podium microphone; 
  • Table mics