About the Meeting

An Introduction from AMS

The 2024 AMS Annual Meeting will be held 28 January–1 February 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center.

We are excited about how our theme for this 104th Annual Meeting: "Living in a Changing Environment" has come together thanks to the hard work of the Overall Planning Committee, Brad Colman (AMS President), Kristen Averyt, Kerry Emanuel, and Julie Pullen (co-chairs), Ethan Gutmann, Brad Johnson, Gaige Kerr, Margaret Orr, Bernadette Woods Placky, and Jamie Vickery.

The Overall Planning Committee and Program Chairs are seeking input from our community for setting the scientific and technical program. Input can be provided by submitting a Session Topic Proposal by 13 April. Submitters will be notified a few weeks later regarding the acceptance status of topic proposals. Your User Portal provides a list of entries/submissions (such as topics or abstracts you have submitted) OR on which you are the presenting author. Please refer to the guidelines before submitting a Topic Proposal.

We encourage you to visit the 104th AMS Annual Meeting FAQ and website often to stay up to date on the latest news.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please reach out to the AMS Meetings Department at meetings@ametsoc.org.

Officers of the AMS 104th Annual Meeting

2024 Overall Planning Committee:
Brad Colman, AMS President
Kristen Averyt, Kerry Emanuel, and Julie Pullen, Co-chairpersons
Ethan Gutmann, Brad Johnson, Gaige Kerr, Margaret Orr, Bernadette Woods Placky, and Jamie Vickery.

Program Chairpersons:
Adeyemi Adebiyi; Jose-Henrique Alves; Robert Atlas; Jane Baldwin; Nick Bassill; Robert Bauer; Tom Bedard; Stephen Bennett; Alicia Bentley; Stephen Bieda; Dillon Blount; Trevor Boucher; Melissa Burt; Suzana Camargo; Changyong Cao; Abhishek Chatterjee; Scott Collis; Marc Cotnoir; Nicholas Dawson; Becky DePodwin; Thanh Vo Dinh; Alec Engell; Andrei Evbuoma; Cecilia Ferriz; Eric J. Fetzer; Emily Fisher; Tanja Fransen; Jeff Freedman; Qiang Fu; Jordan Gerth; Sundararaman G. Gopalakrishnan; Austin Harris; Gail Hartfield; Stephanie Herring; Kyle Hilburn; Aaron Hill; Vlad Isakov; Jamey Jacob; Neil Jacobs; Scott Jacobs; Andrea Jenney; Tara Jensen; Jonathan Jiang; Hunter Jones; Erik Kabela; Satya Kalluri; Chanh Kieu; Young-Joon Kim; Kyle Knipper; Chandra Kondragunta; Alek Krautmann; Christina Kumler; Gary Lackmann; James Ladue; Timothy Lahmers; John Lanicci; Heather Lazarus; Zachary Lebo; Renee Leduc; Jared Lee; Qing Liang; Amber Liggett; Vijay Limaye; Julie Maldanado; Stephen A. Mango; Justin Mankin; Carlos Martinez; Gary McWilliams; Jennifer Meehan; Shakila Merchant; Michael Michaud; Eric John Miller; Ashley Morris; Vernon Morris; Gerald Mulvey; Danielle Nagele; Udaysankar Nair; Louisa Nance; Terry Nathan; Sheila Ngu; Angelie Nieves-Jimenez; Robert Nystrom; Ashley Orehek-Rossi; John Pereira; Claire Pettersen; Melissa Piper; Zhaoxia Pu; Yun Qian; Robb Randall; Adam Rydbeck; David Schultz; Eileen Shea; Owen Shieh; Kathryn Shontz; Timothy Sliwinski; Michelle Spencer; Zeljka Stone; Vijay Tallapragada; Jing Tao; Wassila Thiaw; Hendrik Tolman; Victoria Treadaway; Kevin Tyle; Maria Uhle; Tiffany C. Vance; Jenni Vanos; Jamie Vickery; Yuan Wang; Denise Wetzel; Ping Yang; Martin Yapur; Jim Yoe; John Zack; Yu Zhang; Zhibo Zhang.

Meetings Department Staff

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Jen Ives, Director of Meetings

Jenn Rosen, Senior Meetings & Exhibits Manager

Marissa Welch, Assistant Meetings Manager: In-Person Specialist 

Cati Iannarilli, Assistant Meetings Manager: Virtual/Hybrid Specialist

Jeiry Nin Gomera, Senior Meetings Coordinator

Christine Card, Meetings Coordinator

Jessica Hanley, Meetings Coordinator

Anna Hughes, Meetings Coordinator

Lisa Harris, Meetings Coordinator

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