Presidential Forum: Climate Science as Service to Society

Sunday, 28 January 4-5:15pm, Ballroom III/IV, Baltimore Convention Center 

Join us for a compelling fireside chat at the AMS 104th Annual Meeting’s Presidential Forum, exploring the multifaceted challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and emphasizing the importance of scientific advances, policy development, and public engagement. 

Climate and environmental change are now altering our daily lives, and will dramatically affect our futures. Climate science is key to how we will all live in this changing environment, helping us understand what is happening and anticipate what is to come. But what can we do as scientists and professionals to ensure that our science is communicated and understood as a public service, and see that it is put to work to help build a solid future? Our 2024 AMS Presidential Forum will discuss how we can work to overcome significant barriers that limit the reach and impact of climate science, and of science-based responses to environmental change.
Moderated by distinguished and broadly recognized atmospheric scientist Dr. Kerry Emanuel, an expert on climate change and hurricane physics, a fireside chat will feature Monica Medina, President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Bob Inglis, Executive Director of Both have fascinating stories to tell and are renowned for their broad and critical impact on advancing the societal response to climate change. AMS President Brad Colman will provide introductory comments. 

Have a question during the event?  Ask via with code #3053080 or scan the QR code below.


Dr. Kerry Emanuel

Dr. Kerry Emanuel is a renowned expert in atmospheric science and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research on hurricane physics and climate change, as well as his work at MIT’s Lorenz Center, a climate think tank, adds a critical scientific dimension to the discussion at our 2024 Presidential Forum.




Bob Inglis

Bob Inglis, executive director of, offers a unique viewpoint from his political career, including his time in the U.S. Congress. His transformation into a climate change advocate and his focus on free enterprise action on climate change provide a critical look into bipartisan approaches to climate change, and how policy and market solutions can help drive environmental progress.

Monica P. Medina

Monica Medina, president and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society, brings an extensive background in conservation, science, and environmental policy. With experience ranging from serving in the U.S. Department of State as a diplomat advocating for global biodiversity to leading efforts in the private sector, Monica's insights into international environmental diplomacy and policy are invaluable for understanding the global response to climate change.