e-Poster Presenters

e-Poster Presenters

Electronic poster (e-Poster) presentations are similar to traditional poster presentations but are presented in large format, high resolution touch screen monitors. 

How Presentations Will Work:

All e-Posters are in-person only and will take place during formal poster viewing times. Each e-Poster presenter is provided with a display screen and laptop for the poster session. During the formal poster viewing time for their poster, the presenter is at their assigned space to engage and discuss their work with attendees onsite. e-Poster presenters will receive 40 minutes to present their e-Poster so that we will be able to offer two e-Posters per kiosk during each formal poster view time. e-Poster presenters can find their presentation date and time in the online program.

About iPoster Sessions:

AMS is partnered with iPoster Sessions for our e-Poster needs. e-Poster presenters will create their e-Poster through iPosters software. Presenters will receive an email from iPosters to log in and create their e-Poster. 

Please use the following links to learn more about creating your e-Poster through iPoster Sessions:


Please note, if you are presenting an ePoster, you will not present a traditional, printed paper poster.