Wednesday Networking Breakouts

The Wednesday Networking Breakouts will take place from 4:30-5:00pm (Eastern) in the virtual event platform. The general theme for the Wednesday Networking Breakouts is "T.E.A.M., Teach, Empower, Affirm, Mentor." These are the breakouts you will be able to attend:

  • Learning from Each Other- join  Alek Krautmann and discuss how we can all learn from each other no matter our differences. 
  • Let’s Discuss Imposter Syndrome with Keith Seitter! 
  • Avoiding Burnout- In a virtual world learning how to avoid burnout is very important. Come chat with  Rex Horner and your colleagues on the best ways to do this.
  • Mentoring 365 with  Tanja Fransen!
  • Open Discussion on Generation Gap and Acceptance with  Xubin Zeng!
  • Early Career Experiences- Join  Emma Tipton and discuss the experiences you had during your Early Career. 
  • What do we need to know? A conversation about the skills to succeed in the weather, water, and climate enterprise. In a world of rapid changes in technology and society, the job descriptions in our community are evolving as well. In this session, we will discuss which skills we will need in the future and how we can best obtain them.
  • Water Cooler Chat-Want to chat about something else? Jump on this Zoom and chat with your colleagues for a more informal networking experience.

If you have any questions or are interested in being a moderator for one of these Networking Breakouts please contact Marissa Welch

After reviewing all topics please take a moment to let us know which Networking Breakouts are of interest to you by completing this form.