2023 Annual Local Organizing Committee

2023 Local Organizing Committee Members

Richard Clark, Chairperson

Melissa Burt, Kelly Cebulko, Richard Clark, Elisabeth Cohen, Scott Mackaro, Lorena Medina Luna, and Pamitha Weerasinghe

AMS 2023 Annual Meeting Book Drive

The AMS Board for Early Career Professionals, with the support of 2022 AMS President Rich Clark and the Annual Meeting Local Organizing Committee, launched a book drive for local third graders in the Denver area to instill interest and awareness in weather and climate. We  selected the 2012 Louis J. Battan Author’s Award (K-12) winner “How the Weather Works: A Hands-On Guide to Our Changing Climate” by Christiane Dorion as our book for this year. The deadline to contribute to the book drive was 1 December and we are happy to report that $2,900 was raised ($400 over our goal!)

This year was a pilot, but we hope to continue this initiative at future annual meetings. Whether you donated or reshared our posts to raise awareness, please know that we are incredibly grateful for you and your support. We invite you to check out the book we are donating by visiting the AMS Booth at the Annual Meeting! 

We partnered with the Boulder Book Store to host the 2023 AMS Book Drive. For additional information, please reach out to Kelly Cebulko ([email protected]).

Town Hall Meeting: Air Quality along Colorado's Front Range

This session brings together communities who live and work in Colorado's front range along with scientists who study air pollution, emissions, policy and health to build partnerships and connections, share stories and science and experiences.

For additional information, please reach out to Elisabeth Cohen ([email protected]). 

Denver Information Gathering/Listening Session: Air Quality in Colorado Communities

Air quality affects us all and creates a pressing public health challenge. Historic inequities, industrialization, and resulting emissions, coupled with the unique topography of Denver, have caused an increase in poor outdoor air quality and hazy skies across the Denver metro area. The Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is partnering with the AMS to invite a small group of local leaders, community members, and scientists to gather as part of the 2023 AMS Annual Meeting and focus on local air quality in the Denver Metro Area.

This event will focus on relationship building and storytelling for long-term engagement and community impact. A key goal is to tap into the lived experiences of Denverites and community leaders, pairing science and research from AMS members with input from local policy makers to co-create and refine ideas for communities to address this critical issue. Participants will work on a shared vision for healthy air quality and develop steps to work towards a healthier future.

Stay tuned for follow-up information about this event and ways to get involved. To learn more about the Institute for Science & Policy visit us online.