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Town Hall Meeting: New Ideas Forum: Networking and Idea Exchange for Student and Early Career Members

Scientific Program: Conferences and Symposia
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Tuesday, 6 January 2015; 12:15–1:15 p.m.; Room 126A

Student and early career members of the AMS represent the next generation of educators, scientists, broadcasters, and technical professionals that will continue to advance the weather enterprise.  As their careers grow, these members will assume greater roles in the advancement of our scientific and related capabilities, supporting a broader thematic goal of “Fulfilling the Vision of Weather, Water, and Climate Information for Every Need, Time, and Place.” The AMS supports student and early career members in many ways, such as long-standing conferences catering to their specific needs and interests, and the technical meetings and sessions to be held during the 95th Annual Meeting in Phoenix.  Student and early career members can also benefit from presenting, exchanging, and discussing their research interests and goals in an informal setting, fostering and growing the social networks critical to their future success.  The New Ideas Forum offers additional opportunities for student and early career members to engage the community during the weeklong AMS Annual Meeting.

We are introducing The New Ideas Forum as a way for attendees to provide a brief, informal overview of their current and future interests in a collegial setting.  Informal discussions are encouraged across all aspects of our discipline, including basic science, applied science, education, new technology, policy interests, or future directions you feel our field may be headed. Participants will be given the opportunity to introduce themselves to their community, share highlights of their interests, and engage in questions and answers with their peers.  The goal of the session is to increase networking opportunities for student and early career members participating in the Annual Meeting, and to encourage partnerships among student, early, and later-career members that can lead to mentoring opportunities, business or proposal collaborations, and other activities of mutual benefit.

This Tuesday lunch-hour session will  focus on activities of student and early-career members. Interested participants, including mid- and late-career members, are invited to stop by the Town Hall Meeting session on Tuesday.  Session chairs will help to coordinate an informal exchange among attendees while ensuring time for all to participate. Participants will then be provided up to 5 minutes to present their interests.  A few presentation charts are welcome, but not required.  Ideally, this session will function as a “speed round” of introductions and interactions among attendees to share their new ideas and future goals. 

For additional information, please contact Andrew Molthan (email: Andrew.molthan@nasa.gov.)