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14th Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Authors & Presenters

Please review our Presenter Guidelines.

Please note that abstract fees are only refundable if your abstract is rejected for presentation and Any abstracts withdrawn after acceptance must still be paid in full.

Important Dates

  • Check/Change Abstract Title and Author Listing Deadline: 2 November 2015
  • Oral Presentation Upload Deadline (before meeting): 4 January 2016
  • Supplementary Information Upload Deadline 11 February 2015

Sponsors and Organizers

The 14th Conference on Artificial Intelligence is organized by the AMS Committee on Artificial Intelligence and is sponsored by the American Meteorological Society.

Call for Papers

The theme for the 2016 AMS Annual Meeting, “Earth System Science in Service to Society”, weaves the many parts of AMS into a common core. Emphasizing the academic and research strength of AMS, the theme also connects that research to the benefits that society gains from our science. AMS merges the physical, chemical, and biological study of the Earth with human-centered “domains of action”: (1) Observing, (2) Analysis and research leading to understanding, (3) Modeling and prediction, and (4) Social sciences – how people deal with Earth. “Service to Society” explicitly evokes the integrated and complementary government and commercial enterprise that the AMS has done so much to foster over the last decade.  The 2016 meeting integrates AMS’ proud, nearly 100-year history of making a positive difference in the lives of our citizens by continually communicating the advances of its science research to the public and policy makers.

The conference brings together AI researchers and environmental scientists, with the goal of fostering collaboration between the two groups. We aim to increase the understanding and use of AI techniques in the environmental sciences and to demonstrate the wide range of open problems in the environmental sciences.  Papers for this conference are solicited across a broad field of computational intelligence disciplines including data mining, machine learning, statistical learning, self-organizing systems, evolutionary learning and expert systems. 

We invite submissions on topics related to machine learning and statistical methods applied to hydrologic problems, with a focus on real-world forecasting applications. We are also interested in submissions relating to the overall theme of Science in Service to Society as it applies to computational methods, hydrology, or hydrometeorology.  Papers relating to the use of machine learning methods in creating hydrometeorological products and services, drought prediction, regional climate modeling, flood prediction and decision support tools are welcomed. The biennial AMS AI contest will also be held at the 2016 Annual AMS meeting as part of this joint session. The focus will be on estimating the probability of specific rainfall amounts given polarimetric radar observations. For more detail on the contest, see https://www.kaggle.com/c/how-much-did-it-rain.

Student Award Opportunities

Students presenting their own, original work as first authors are eligible to participate in the competition for the best oral and poster presentations.  Students may also apply for partial travel support.  Please mark on the abstract submission that you are a student in order to be considered for the competition. Send a short email to the conference chair at [email protected] with the Subject line "Travel Support for AMS" in order to be considered for travel support.

Program Chair(s)

For additional information please contact the program chairperson(s), Valliappa Lakshmanan and/or Amy McGovern.