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Town Hall Meeting: Broadcast Meteorologists & The Work Behind The Scenes

Tuesday, 12 January, 5:30–7:00 p.m.;; Room 225

Some of the hardest work by our most recognized meteorologists doesn’t get recognized.  Many broadcast meteorologists are involved in side research projects that other AMS members may not be aware of.  Publishing the work in BAMS may not be a priority to some broadcasters as they already get plenty of recognition from being on TV, but that doesn’t mean the AMS community shouldn’t hear about it.  While this will be a good opportunity for the broadcasters to gather at the annual meeting, the hope is this won’t be just a small AMS Broadcast Conference.  Instead, we welcome all AMS members who are interested in learning from broadcasters and vice-versa.

For additional information, please contact Rob Eicher or Maureen McCann.