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Town Hall Meeting: The Weather Value Chain of the Future: From Commercial Satellites to Crowdsourcing, and Everything In Between

Wednesday, 13 January, 12:15–1:15 p.m.; Room 243

The world of weather and climate data collection is being transformed by the emergence of innovative data sources including commercial weather satellites, sensors on commercial aircraft, crowdsourced data via mobile phones and automobiles, and even drones. This panel will showcase key players in the weather value chain of the future, and discuss the opportunities and challenges of merging diverse data streams with advances in modeling, computing and data mining, in order to drive a dramatically better weather forecast and fuel a next generation of analytics and risk management solutions for various industries.


  • Lloyd Treinish, Chief Scientist, Deep Thunder, IBM
  • Julia LeStage, Founder, WeatherMob; Chief Editorial Officer, Weathernews
  • Neil Jacobs, Chief Meteorologist, Panasonic
  • Wallace Hogsett, Chief Science Officer, Weather Analytics
  • Andreas Vallgren, Principal Scientist, Ignitia
  • Rob Kursinski, Chief Atmospheric Scientist, PlanetiQ


  • Marshall Shepherd, Director of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Georgia; Former AMS president; Host of The Weather Channel’s Weather Geeks; Forbes Contributor

PlanetiQ will provide a limited number of box lunches.

For additional information, please contact Dan Stillman.