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Town Hall Meeting: Weather, Climate, Water and the New Energy Economy – Integrating and Operationalizing Renewable Energy Forecasts

Monday, 11 January, 7:00–8:00 p.m.; Room 346/347

There is a tight correlation between weather and energy consumption but the relationship between meteorology and the electricity grid runs much deeper.  The industry has undergone many changes and our nation’s grid is increasingly more complex.  From the integration of large scale wind and solar generation and the complexities introduced from their intermittent behavior, to the disruptive forces of distributed solar generation and it’s ever increasing footprint.  These increasing challenges with their increasing levels of complexity are being met head on by increased computational resources, big weather, and advances in data science.   

The topics this Town Hall Meeting will address broadly are:

  1. Advances in the state of the art with forecasting renewable energy.
  2. How forecasts are being integrated into utility operations. 
  3. What is the future of renewables forecasting…NWP, AI, or both.
  4. How are utilities dealing with the integration of distributed and centralized solar…are they different.

Moderator: Matt Parker – Senior Fellow Meteorologist, AMS President-Elect, Savannah River National Laboratory.

Panelists: Sue Haupt – Director, Research Applications Laboratory of NCAR; John Zack – Principal & Director of Forecasting, AWS True Power; Nick Keener – Director of Meteorology, Duke Energy; Lidija Sekaric – Director, Solar Energy Technologies Office, DOE

This Town Hall Meeting is held in conjunction with the AMS Energy Committee and the AMS Renewable Energy Committees’ Seventh Conference on Weather, Climate and the New Energy Economy. 

For additional information, please contact Matt Parker or Brian D'Agostino.