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Town Hall Meeting: Communicating Probabilities, Uncertainties and Confidence in Weather and Climate Outlooks

Tuesday, 12 January, 6:00–7:30 p.m.; Room 242

More and more weather forecasts and warnings are being communicated by categorical statements or simple graphic emojis. The public knows forecasting involves uncertainty but is increasingly left to evaluate uncertainty from personal experience before making a weather or climate related decision. Should there be a statement for the media and media messengers explaining the value of quantitative uncertainty information to aid in better public decision making in the use of weather and climate information? What and how should this information be communicated so the public is left feeling confident in their understanding of probabilities and uncertainties.

Invited panelist include members from National Weather Association, Media Companies, Academia and Industry Risk Managers…all who are responsible for for communicating weather and climate information for the general public.

For additional information, please contact Jenny Dissen or Bob Ryan.