The AMS is kicking off our Centennial celebration at our 99th Annual Meeting. Join us in Phoenix and choose how you would like to take part!

Watch a Centennial presentation

Many of the conferences and symposia that are taking place at the 99th Annual Meeting are joining the Centennial celebration by incorporating historical presentations into their program. See all the Centennial Sessions and Presentations that we have planned!

Visit the AMS Resource Center

AMS 100th birthday cake

We’ll be celebrating AMS’s 100th birthday year with a cake during the Exhibits opening and Reception on Monday, 7 January, at 6 p.m.—we hope to see you there!

Centennial panels

Explore the history of AMS and learn how we plan to celebrate our Centennial over the next year by viewing the panels in the Centennial section of the Resource Center.


We’ll be unveiling our new line of limited-edition AMS Centennial merchandise soon—stop by to check out our new t-shirts, drinkware, stickers, and more!

Preview the AMS Timeline

AMS is putting together a timeline that covers our first 100 years. The timeline will be launched during the Annual Meeting. We’ll have panels with timeline previews placed around the Phoenix Convention Center. Be sure to check them out!

Take a Centennial selfie

Snap a photo in front of the Centennial backdrop (located near the AMS Registration Desk) and share on social media with #AMS100.

Share your story in a five-to-ten-minute interview

Help AMS celebrate 100 years of meteorological advances and contribute your story in a five-to-ten-minute interview.

You can share your story about any aspect of your education, career, research, or any other facet of your experiences as a meteorologist at the AMS Oral History Project Booths, which will be located in rooms 201 and 203 of the West Building of the Phoenix Convention Center. Time slots are available 7–10 January (Monday–Thursday) during coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and poster sessions, or you may sign up for another specific interview time.

Your personal account will become part of the AMS Oral History Project and an important part of the AMS Centennial celebration. Please stop by or make an appointment for a specific time to talk about one of the topics below or any other aspect of your education or career experiences:

  • Your decision to become a meteorologist and what made you decide on that career.
  • A teacher or mentor who made a difference in your undergraduate or graduate education.
  • Your first real research project as a graduate or postgraduate.
  • Your membership in AMS.
  • An article from an AMS journal that made a significant impression on you.
  • What surprised you—or didn’t surprise you at all—about your first job.
  • Significant milestones in your career.
  • Your experience as a mentor.

To make an appointment to share your story, please email Jinny Nathans, AMS Archivist, or feel free to call or text 617-492-3735. You can also stop by the booth with any questions or to make an appointment once on site.

Interviewer: Jinny Nathans, AMS Archivist and Curator

Want to know more about the AMS Centennial Celebration? Check out our web page and search for #AMS100 in your social media of choice.