Town Hall Meetings

More informal in nature than our technical sessions, our Town Hall Meetings cover some of the hottest topics and draw some of the biggest names in the water, weather, and climate community.




View the Town Hall and Side Panel program


  • Final program deadline: 15 October 2018

  • Edits to Townhall/Side Panel information:  15 December 2018

  • Food & Beverage orders submitted: 01 November 2018

  • Deadline for sponsorship to be included in the printed program: 01 November 2018



  • Please note that Town Hall Meetings & Side Panel Discussion are accepted on a first come first serve basis. 

  • A confirmation email will be sent upon beginning and completing a submission proposal. This email will provide login credentials for updating Town Hall Meeting Information so please save these emails. 

  • Uploading: All supplementary files should be short and will be copied to the desktop in the meeting room where the event is scheduled. This can be done during any break and organizers should notify their speakers of the aforementioned process. **We will not be uploading town hall related materials in the speaker ready room**

  • Recording: Town hall meetings are not recorded. We ask that you submit a Side Panel proposal if you would like to have your event recorded. Exceptions will be made for Presidential Town Halls only.

  • Town Hall meetings will be scheduled either before sessions, mid-day, or after sessions end and will not be scheduled up against the technical sessions of the Annual Meeting.

  • Room Set-up: All rooms are set theater with a head table for 5. Please note that NO additional A/V can be ordered. Please review the basic room set below and submit a Side Panel Discussion if the room setup does not meet your specifications.**A/V Support is not provided for Town Hall Meetings**


Basic room set for the audio/visual includes: 

  • 1 Screen of appropriate size; 
  • 1 Data/Video Projector; 
  • 1 AMS Supplied PC; 
  • 1 Connection for an author supplied computer; 
  • Digital Timer; 
  • Head Table for (5)
  • 1 Podium microphone; 
  • 1 Lavaliere microphone; 
  • 2 table mics and 
  • 1 audience microphone



we are no longer accepting proposals for Town Hall Meetings/Side Panel Discussion