Teachers, the 28th Symposium on Education is for you! Check out the overview of what will be presented below, and get specifics by visiting the conference program!


28th Symposium on Education


conference program

Presentations will include:

  • a STEM learning community of practice network: bringing STEM advocates and educators together to share and learn from their experiences through informal and formal education programs;
  • active learning demonstrations from the atmospheric sciences;
  • discussion for bridging the gap between students, educators and professionals focused on essential skills for success in the private sector;
  • effective strategies for increasing minority participation in the atmospheric sciences;
  • innovative teaching strategies in university instruction on synoptic meteorology;
  • mentoring: the benefits, challenges, and models;
  • pre-college education initiatives;
  • research relevant to the teaching and learning of the atmospheric science;
  • supporting implementation of the next generation science standards for K–12 weather, climate, and ocean education;
  • university education initiatives; and
  • using alternative presentation formats to inform you audience.