Side Panel Discussions

Our Side Panel Program is partnered with Town Hall Meetings to allow for the conversation to continue outside of the technical sessions with the ability of the conversation to be recorded.

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  • Final program deadline: 15 October 2017

  • Edits to Townhall/Side Panel information: 15 December 2017

  • Food & Beverage orders submitted: 01 November 2017

  • Deadline for sponsorship to be included in the printed program: 01 November 2017

  • Deadline to upload files online: 15 December 2017



  • Please note that Town Hall Meetings & Side Panel Discussion are accepted on a first come first serve basis. 

  • A confirmation email will be sent upon beginning and completing a submission proposal. This email will contain an ID and Password which will grant  access to updating Side Panel Information so please save these emails. 

  • Uploading: One uploaded supplementary File is permitted for each panelist/speaker which can be uploaded online or in the speaker ready room. This entry will be associated with the Panelist/Presenter's name only. Please upload your supplementary file(s) in the Speaker ready room at least 3 hours in advance of your Town Hall Meeting or Side Panel Discussion. Onsite Uploading can be done as soon the Speaker Ready Room opens. Organizers should notify their speakers of the aforementioned process

  • Recording: Side Panel discussions offer the option to record. The panelist(s)/presenter(s) must be added to the people step of the form if a supplementary file will be presented during the panel. Adding this person creates an entry to upload to in advance. 

  • Side Panel discussions will be scheduled either before sessions, mid-day, or after sessions end and will not be scheduled up against the technical sessions of the Annual Meeting.

  • Room Set-up: All rooms are set theater with a head table for 5. Please review the basic room set below.


Basic room set for the audio/visual includes: 

  • 1 Screen of appropriate size; 
  • 1 Data/Video Projector; 
  • 1 AMS Supplied PC; 
  • 1 Connection for an author supplied computer; 
  • Digital Timer; 
  • Head Table for (5)
  • 1 Podium microphone; 
  • 1 Lavaliere microphone; 
  • 2 table mics and 
  • 1 audience microphone

AV Equipment Requests:

  • Additional Screen (Dual-Projection): ($100)
  • Additional LCD Projector (Needed for Dual-Projection): ($350)
  • Flipchart with Markers: ($40)
  • Panelist Microphone(s): ($40 each)
  • Supplementary slides will be used (no charge)
  • Voice recording ONLY: ($150)
  • Voice and slide recording: ($350) 



we are no longer accepting proposals for Town Hall Meetings/Side Panel Discussions