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AMS is committed to helping our government colleagues share their science despite the fact that many were not able to present in person at the 99th Annual Meeting due to the government shutdown. As such, we invite those presenters to record and upload their own presentation in Presenter's Corner.  These recordings will be available in the 99th Annual Meeting online program, alongside recordings collected in Phoenix, after 15 February. 


Presentation Recording and Upload Instructions

Below are the instructions for your recording and uploading your presentation. If you have any questions, please contact Coty Scott ([email protected]) for technical assistance. Please plan to upload your presentation before 11:59pm EST on 15 February. 

Record your presentation and upload your recording in Presenter’s Corner (link below). Do not use the recording capability built into PowerPoint since that will usually NOT result in a good recording. Instead please use an application that is actually designed for high-quality screen capture and voice recording. We recommend:

The screen recorders suggested above will do an excellent job of recording your slide presentation. Although they can also record a small video of you at the same time, please do not include that little “talking head” for the duration of your talk. Instead we suggest that you include a good photo or video of yourself as part of the first and last slides in your presentation.

To upload, please visit Presenter’s Corner: Presenter's Corner

Congratulations - you've been selected to present at the AMS 99th Annual Meeting! Please see below for all of the information you'll need to give a successful presentation in Phoenix.

Presenter's Corner

You can manage your abstract by visiting Presenter's Corner to:

  • Check/Change Abstract Title
  • Check/Change Author Listing
  • Upload Presentation File (Oral Presenters)
  • Upload Extended Abstract
  • Upload Optional PDF Presentation/Poster Image
  • Add a Supplementary URL
  • Withdraw Abstract

Important Dates for Presenter's Corner

  • Edit abstract title and author list: 1 November
  • Upload presentation before meeting: 30 December
  • Upload supplementary info: 22 February

Accessing Presenter's Corner

You can find your login details for the Presenter's Corner in your abstract initiation and abstract acceptance notification e-mails. To have these e-mails re-sent, please contact the meetings department

Have your abstract ID and Password?  Visit Presenter's Corner to manage your abstract.