Short Course: Catastrophe Modeling 101 (CANCELLED)

Sunday, lonAD, 8:00 a.m.–12:45 p.m.


Preliminary Agenda

Over the past three decades, catastrophe models have become the means which risk from weather-related disasters is understood and managed. The insurance industry has paid out more than USD 100 billion globally in just the past two years in tropical cyclone and other windrelated claims. Catastrophe modeling helps insurers, governments, and other organizations understand their potential risk from tropical cyclones, severe convective storms, floods, and other natural perils.   

The knowledge from this course will be of interest to the atmospheric science and engineering communities at large. All attendees will learn how catastrophe models work, how they are built, and the challenges inherent in modeling risk for tropical cyclones, floods, and other severe weather events. In addition, the practical applications of catastrophe models in managing extreme weather-related risk across the insurance industry and elsewhere will be taught. Researchers will gain knowledge about what data and information are required for building cat models and may be inspired to undertake new research endeavors. Attendees will gain an appreciation for the work a catastrophe modeling company conducts and may consider the industry as a potential source of employment. Faculty may wish to incorporate what they learn into courses they teach or are developing. This course should serve to broaden all attendees’ awareness of the potential applications of meteorological science to real-world challenges. 

Instructors include subject matter experts from AIR Worldwide, a leading global extreme event modeling firm based in Boston, MA. 

For more information, contact Peter Sousounis ([email protected]) or Joe Cleveland ([email protected])  

Short Course/Workshop Registration

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