Short Course: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Geoscientists (CANCELLED)

Sunday, lonAD, 7:30 a.m.–3:45 p.m.

AMS Short Course on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Geoscientists


Preliminary Agenda

The AMS Short Course on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for Geoscientists will be held on 12th January, 2020 preceding the AMS Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.  Preliminary program, registration, hotel, and general information will be posted on the AMS Web site ( <>).  


In 2018, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) developed a 1-day DEI training for scientists, based on a highly successful 4-month UCAR/NCAR Equity & Inclusion (UNEION) program. The 1-day workshop, called UCAR/NCAR Inclusion Training Experience (UNITE), is being run at the AMS for the second year. It aims to help people from all backgrounds explore their identities, ways in which power differentials operate across identity and professional roles, explore aspects of gender in the workplace, and examine how race and ethnicity are socialized and affect our experiences. The final hour of the workshop will be invested in exploring effective ways to broaden competencies around DEI at AMS and bring these ideas to others in the weather, water, and climate science field.


No prior experience or training in DEI discussions is expected, but participants will be required to invest around 2-hours of pre-reading in order to ensure that everyone starts on the same page and be available for the entire scheduled time of the workshop. The workshop is designed to enable participants from a range of career stages, backgrounds, and prior experiences to fully participate, as it largely focuses on understanding one’s own identity and ways in which this can affect  interactions at one’s workplace. The only requirements for participation are an open-mind, a willingness to be challenged, and to consider alternative viewpoints. For those with marginalized identities: please be aware that this is a learning space. While we will do everything we can, we cannot guarantee a completely safe space in this environment as others are learning and may microaggress during that process.


The course format consists of group discussions and hands-on exercises that help to deepen participants’ understanding of the topics covered. The instructors for this course will be Dr. Carolyn Brinkworth, Kristen Aponte, Joshua Young, and Dr. Julie Malmberg, all from UCAR, based in Boulder CO.


Lunch will be provided during the short course. Computers, laptops or internet access will not be made available or required for this course.

For more information please contact Carolyn Brinkworth, UCAR, 303-497-1670, [email protected]



Short Course/Workshop Registration

All short course/workshop attendees must register and wear a badge/ribbon. Short course/workshop registration is not included in the 99th Annual Meeting registration, and short course/workshop registration does not include registration for the 99th AMS Annual Meeting.

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