Poster Type Information

Poster at the AMS 103rd Annual Meeting

All poster types will have the option to upload hand-outs, slides and associated URLs. If a presenter would like to record a short presentation (we recommend a short 1–2-minute info) they can do so and post as a URL. See the chart at the bottom of this doc for an graphic on all presentation types available for the AMS 103rd Annual Meeting

In-Person/Traditional Poster - The poster is typically a mixture of a brief text and graphics such as: tables, graphs, pictures, presented in-person on a physical poster board. We ask presenters to produce a poster no larger than 4ft in length x 6ft in width. Limiting the size of the physical poster will allow for some presentation room for the presenter and a bit of extra space between the neighboring presentations. 

During the formal poster viewing time for their poster, the presenter is at the assigned space to engage and discuss their work with attendees onsite. Available upon request, AMS will provide a small table to any poster presenter wanting to provide handouts or bring their personal laptop to provide supplementary information such as animation or a slide show.  

Virtual Posters

Virtual poster presentations can be done in a few different ways. The presenter can produce a pdf of the poster (a digital copy of what would be presented for a traditional in-person poster as seen above) or break the information down into a series of slides, or PowerPoint. There is no physical space dedicated to this type of presentation onsite. Presenters and attendees use zoom to attend these sessions. The sessions will host a maximum of 25 break-out rooms, one dedicated room for each poster, and attendees can switch in and out through one zoom link. 

A picture containing text, newspaper, screenshot

Description automatically generated   ← pdf of full poster format

  PPT virtual poster format  → 


Electronic poster (e-poster) presentations are similar to traditional poster presentations but presented on a large computer screen. All e-posters are in-person only.  Each e-poster presenter is provided with a display screen and laptop for the poster session.

During the formal poster viewing time for their poster, the presenter is at the assigned space to engage and discuss their work with attendees onsite. E-posters will have a shorter presentation time so that we will be able to offer 2 e-posters per kiosk at each formal view time. See times listed below.  

How e-posters assignments will work:

  • It is up to the program chairs/committees of each individual conference or symposia if you would like to include an e-poster session as a part of your program. If your program has posters of any kind being submitted, your lead meeting planner will be reaching out to confirm your decision to participate.  

  • Once all abstracts are scheduled and authors are notified, AMS will offer the option of e-posters to anyone assigned to in-person/traditional poster presentations.

  • Each conference will be able to assign 15% of in-person posters to e-posters.

  • If the requests by authors/presenters exceed the 15% allotment for a conference, AMS will ask the program chairs to decide who will be moved to the e-poster session.

  • A separate session for e-posters will be created in ConfEx and the online program.

Formal poster viewing times (Conference at a Glance)

  • Traditional – Mon-Thurs, 5-6:30 pm

  • E-posters – Mon-Thursday (2 session of 40 minutes each) 5-5:40 pm and 5:50-6:30 pm

  • Virtual posters – Tuesday only- 6:00-7:00 pm 

All in-person posters will be located in the Poster Hall.