97th AMS Annual Meeting | 22–26 January 2017 | Seattle, WA

Fifth Annual AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals


Sponsors and Organizers

The Fifth Annual AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals is organized by the AMS Board for Early Career Professionals and is sponsored by the American Meteorological Society.


The Early Career Professionals Conference will take place the Sunday prior to the Annual Meeting on 22 January 2017 in Seattle, Washington.

The conference comprises a mix of speakers, panelists, and group discussions.  Several networking opportunities throughout the conference encourage communication with both other young professional attendees and invited early, mid, and late career professionals involved in AMS.  A special networking event will held early Sunday evening for only those that register for the conference.

Sessions will cover a variety of topics that are of interest to early career professionals in the atmospheric sciences.  Interactive small group discussions, led by professionals in the field, will focus on a variety of career skills, issues, and choices that affect early career professionals. Attendees will have an opportunity to hear about how they can benefit from or be a part of AMS boards and committees, and will be able to network with representatives within the AMS.  A panel discussion featuring early- and mid-career meteorologists from the private, academic, government, and broadcast sectors will discuss early career experiences and offer advice on topics brought up by attendees.  A joint session with the 16th Annual AMS Student Conference will focus on developing skills needed by both early career professionals and graduate students.

Following the conference on Sunday evening, attendees and all other AMS Annual Meeting participants are invited to attend the 7th Annual AMS Reception for Early Career Professionals, which will be co-sponsored with the AMS Board of Private Sector Meteorologists.  A town hall meeting will be held on Monday, 23 January 2017, and will feature a panel discussion related to the role of the AMS Policy Program in early career professional’s skill development.

Up-to-date information on the Early Career Professionals Conference can be found on Facebook (search “AMS Early Career Professionals”) and Twitter (@AMSEarlyCareer).


An early registration fee of $25 has been set for this conference and registration must be completed online. Early registration will be available online until 15 December 2016. Starting on 16 December 2016, late registration will be available for $40. On-site registration ($40) may be available as space permits. 

register for early career professionals conference

Note that registration for the Fifth AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals does NOT include registration for the 97th AMS Annual Meeting.  

Program Chair(s)

For additional information, please contact the conference chairpersons Chris Schultz (e-mail: [email protected]), Matt Lacke (e-mail: [email protected]), Samantha Tushaus (email: [email protected]), or Jared Rennie (e-mail: [email protected]).