Seventh Early Career Professionals Conference

In order to stand out and succeed, one must get out of their comfort zone and think “outside the box.” The Board for Early Career Professionals aims to assist young professionals, providing tips and tricks to succeed in the Weather, Water and Climate enterprise. The 7th Annual AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals serves as a gateway for graduate students and those early in their careers to connect and network with other members, boards, and leaders of AMS.

Topics Covered

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Presented by the Board for Early Career Professionals, the conference will consist of a diverse mix of speakers, panelists, and small group discussions. Several networking opportunities will encourage inclusive interactions with both attendees and invited early, mid, and late career professionals involved in the Weather, Water, and Climate enterprise. Sessions will cover a variety of items that are of interest to new scientists, in addition to other interdisciplinary topics not normally taught in the workplace, such as addressing mental health, learning to fail, and becoming a leader. It is hoped attendees will gain a better understanding of where the society is heading, relate to their professional colleagues to foster better communication, and possess the tools necessary to stay relevant in the workforce. We hope you will think outside the box, and have fun doing it!

Up-to-date information on the Early Career Professionals Conference can be found on Facebook (search “AMS Early Career Professionals”), Twitter (@AMSEarlyCareer) and instagram (ams_becp).

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Conference Contact(s)

For additional information, please contact the conference chairpersons Jared Rennie ([email protected]), Jordan Bell ([email protected]) and Becky DePodwin ([email protected])