Virtual Poster Presenters

Virtual Poster Presenters

104th Annual Meeting Virtual Poster Slam

The Virtual Poster Slam provides a unique opportunity to present your poster to the entire virtual audience. The Virtual Poster Slam will kick off the 104th Annual Meeting on  23 January 2024 at 1:00 PM EST. The Virtual Poster Slam will take place via Zoom and you will present via screen share. Your poster may be in the form of a PDF or PowerPoint. You can find more information on presenting in Zoom in the Training Slides for Presenters and Moderators.

During the Virtual Poster Slam, you will be allowed THREE MINUTES to present your poster. The presentations will be presented in chronological order. Prior to the Poster Slam, please practice and time yourself. Make sure you are within the three-minute time limit. It is essential that we limit the presentations to three minutes in order to accommodate all participants.

What to Expect

Before the meeting
  • Check the online program to confirm your presentation date and time
  • Let everyone know that you’ll be presenting on Twitter. Include the #AMS2024 hashtag and @ametsoc handle.
  • Register at the Virtual Presenter Rate
  • Visit Presenter's Corner to manage your abstract:
    • Confirm/Change Presentation Method: Virtual/In-Person (by 15 November)
    • Check/Change Abstract Title (by 8 November)
    • Check/Change Author Listing (by 8 November)
  • Upload Optional Supplementary Information (by 1 March):
    • PDF of Poster 
    • PDF File  
    • Image(s) 
    • Extended Abstract  
      • Extended Abstract Guidelines:
      • There is a 100 MB file size limit.
      • The following file types may be uploaded: PDF document (*.pdf)
      • Supplementary URL 
      • Withdraw Abstract
  • Read Virtual Poster Presenter emails sent from the AMS Meetings Department for more information on managing your abstract online and giving your presentation.
  • Practice and time yourself. Make sure you are within the three-minute time limit.
During the meeting
  • Join the Zoom room 20 minutes before the Virtual Poster Slam begins. A Confex tech will be available in the Zoom to help you practice sharing your screen.
  • Monitor the chat for questions specific to your presentation
  • Join our Slack channel to maximize your engagement.
    • Attendees can send their questions to you through Slack
After the meeting
  • We encourage all presenters to submit supplementary information as your time to present at the meeting is limited. Posting this information online is an excellent opportunity to include more detailed information that may require more time for study than is available at the meeting. All supplementary information is available in the meeting online program within 24 hours of upload – so you can reference it before, during, and after the meeting!