Book Talks @ Authors Corner (Tuesday)

Tuesday, lonAD, 4:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.
AMS Resource Center

Come to the “AMS Books Authors Corner” at the Resource Center in the Exhibit Hall during poster breaks for engaging discussions on some of the most influential meteorologists, storms, advances, and impacts of the last 100 years.

Tuesday Schedule

4pm Daphne LaDue et al. / Severe storms and society
4:20 Terry Nathan / Meteorology and photography
4:40 Sean Potter / Cleveland Abbe
5pm Lourdes Avilés / Great New England Hurricane
5:20 Lourdes Avilés / Atmospheric optics
5:40 John Lanicci / Environmental security

Wednesday Schedule

4pm To Be Announced
4:20 McFarquhar & Rauber / AMS Centennial Monograph
4:40 Sundar Christopher / Tenure and early career
5pm Robert Henson / Climate Change
5:20 Jen Henderson / Ted Fujita