Meet the President

During his year as AMS President, Bill Gail has focused on two basic themes. The first is to protect and promote the Society’s integrity. The second is to increase AMS’s impact, both on its members and on society as a whole. He has instituted a number of initiatives to accomplish this, ranging from partnerships with the meteorological societies of other nations to a new board on best practices. AMS members and attendees may have noticed some additions to the annual meeting as well. Dr. Gail will continue the traditional “Meet the President” sessions during the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting so attendees can learn more about these topics. He invites all to come share their thoughts and concerns, or just to say hello. This will be happening Tuesday through Thursday, at different times each day, allowing interested attendees more opportunities to find time to visit. Below is the schedule to chat with Dr. Gail:

Tuesday 3:00–3:30 p.m
Wednesday 10:00–10:30
Thursday 3:00–3:30 p.m