26th Conference on Probability and Statistics

Abstract Submissions

Abstracts were due on August 8, 2019.

Abstract Fee and Author Instructions

The 26th Conference on Probability and Statistics is organized by the AMS Committees on Probability and Statistics.

Call for Papers

Papers for the 26th Conference on Probability and Statistics are solicited on the following:
  • Communicating probabilistic information and predictive skill
  • Documenting and forecasting climate change.
  • Ensemble and multi-model forecasting, including S2S
  • Extreme value analysis and prediction.
  • History of women in Prob/Stat and AI
  • Hybrid deep learning/statistical approaches
  • Methods of verification and evaluation of forecasts and their inter-comparison, including statistical significance, with a focus on high resolution applications and object based or process based methodologies
  • Physical interpretability in machine learning
  • Probabilistic Hydrometeorological Forecasting and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Probabilistic Observation-Based Cloud and Precipitation Properties for Weather and Climate
  • Probabilistic prediction and decision support, including ensemble and deterministic statistical post-processing.
  • Statistical Estimation Methods for Parameters of Observing and Assimilation Systems: Theory and Practice
  • The History and Impact of Operational Post-processing and Current Status
  • The history of the move from deterministic to probabilistic prediction

Conference Contact(s)

For additional information, please contact the program chairs: Elizabeth Satterfield (Elizabeth.Satterfield@nrlmry.navy.mil), Andrew Geyer (andrew.geyer@afit.edu), Bill Campbell (bill.campbell@nrlmry.navy.mil), Dan Hodyss (daniel.hodyss@nrlmry.navy.mil), and Tara Jensen (jensen@ucar.edu).