Food Security Session

Presidential Session on Weather, Climate and Global Food Security

Session 7, Tuesday, 25 January at 1:30 PM (Symposium on Societal Applications: Policy, Research and Practice)

Format: Panel with four/five people from various sectors (science, humanitarian, policy,  etc.) who can talk about how weather and climate impact global food security


No country is immune from food insecurity. However, the world’s poorest countries often face the greatest food-insecurity challenges. Additionally, these countries are the most vulnerable to the impacts of extreme weather events and climate change, which only further exacerbate food insecurity. While weather and climate change often trigger humanitarian disasters and lead to food insecurity, the scientific community can play a key role in not only reducing the impacts of extreme weather and climate change on food security but also improving lives and livelihoods. 


This session will consist of a panel of experts from various sectors to discuss the global dimensions of weather, climate and food security and the role meteorologists and climate scientists can play in improving the food security and lives of millions of people across the world. Each panelist will provide a brief presentation on weather, climate and food security from their sector’s perspective and participate in discussion facilitated by a moderator. This format will allow for more discussion and engagement from the audience, which is important in bridging the divide between these often siloed sectors. 


Panelists include:

  • A "big picture” person - someone who can talk broadly about how weather and climate affect global food systems (access, nutrition, etc.)

  • A scientist - preferably a meteorologist

  • A humanitarian - talk about extreme events, disaster response, climate adaptation and sustainable development, etc.

  • A policy maker - talk about connections between policy and food security with strong climate connections