Remote Oral Presenters


  • Must register at the Remote Presenter Rate
  • Can do everything remote attendees can do, plus present remotely:
    • Must indicate that they prefer to present remotely (will not be traveling to Houston for the in-person Annual Meeting) by choosing “Virtual Presentation” as preferred presentation type during the abstract submission process
      • Can change this preference before the abstract submission deadline
      • Can change this preference after acceptance emails are sent and the online program is posted but before 1 November.
    • Will be scheduled for a remote oral presentation time slot during the in-person Annual Meeting
      • There will be a limited number of remote oral presentation slots available per session
    • Must submit a prerecorded video of themselves giving their talk, which will be played in the session room by the student volunteer during their presentation time slot.
      • Deadline for prerecorded video submission is 2 weeks prior to meeting
      • AV company will ensure that quality and time (12 min) standards are met in the video files
    • May submit supplementary materials such as pdf of slides, extended abstract, other links etc for posting in the online program and mobile app.
    • Will join in-person session room via zoom audio call for the last 5 minutes of the time slot to field questions asked by in-person and remote attendees and/or participate in discussion in real time
    • Will field questions asked by remote and in-person attendees before and after the session takes place via asynchronous chat feature connected to abstract in the online program and mobile app