In-Person Session Chairs/Moderators

Thank you so much for acting as a session chair/moderator for our 102nd Annual Meeting! We are grateful to you for helping to make your session, and the 102nd Annual Meeting, a success.


What to Expect

Before the meeting
  • Register at the In-Person Session Chair (or Full Member if you are a full member) Rate.
  • Check the online program to confirm the date and time for the sessions you are chairing/moderating. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the speakers and abstracts being presented in your session!
  •  If you’re active on Twitter, take a moment to let everyone know about your session. Include the #AMS2022 hashtag and @ametsoc handle.
  • Review the In-Person Session Chair/Moderator emails sent from the AMS Meetings Department and watch any videos posted on this page for more information on managing and chairing your session.
  • Personally contact each speaker presenting in your session via email (contact information and instructions was sent in early December) to confirm that they will indeed appear at the appointed time. Coordinate with other session chairs/moderators (in-person and remote) assigned to your session to divide this work.
  • Keep an eye out for email notifications that a question has been asked about your session via asynchronous chat feature in the online program and mobile app. Be sure to respond to get a discussion going!
  • Attend the Session Chair/Moderator training session on Monday, 10 January 12:00 - 1:00 PM Eastern. A zoom link was shared on 23 December. Please contact AMS Meetings ( to request the link be resent.
During the meeting
  • Attend the Session Chair/Moderator hybrid training session on Sunday, 23 January 1:00 - 2:00 PM in room 352DEF at the George R. Brown Convention Center. We will send a zoom link to those that are unable to join in-person.
  • Arrive at the session room before the scheduled session time and introduce yourself to the student volunteer (at the front of the room) and confirm that all of your in-person presenters are present and have uploaded their presentation files.
  • The standard session room set includes the following:
    • One lectern
    • One screen of appropriate size
    • One data/video projector
    • One AMS-supplied PC laptop
    • One digital timer
    • One podium microphone
    • One audience microphone
  • At the scheduled session time, welcome attendees (in-person and remote), make any necessary announcements (please reference the housekeeping notes), and introduce your first speaker.
  • Moderate questions asked by in-person and remote attendees via slido (instructions to follow) and/or participate in discussion if time allows.
  • Ensure that your session is running on time. If presenters in your session have been allotted 15 minutes for their presentation, we recommend that you plan to have them present for 11 minutes, spend 3 minutes on Q&A/discussion, and leave 1 minute for transition. 
After the meeting
  • Keep an eye out for email notification that a question has been asked about your session via asynchronous chat feature in the online program and mobile app. Be sure to respond to keep the discussion going!
  • Watch the presentation recordings from your session in the online program and mobile app (48 hours after your session ends).
  • View Supplementary Info uploaded by your presenters in Presenter's Corner:
    • Upload Extended Abstract (by 25 February)
    • Upload Optional PDF Presentation Slide File (by 25 February)
    • Add a Supplementary URL (by 25 February)