Information About Zoom

Zoom Information for Session Chairs and Presenters

Please join  your session 30 minutes prior to the scheduled session start time. to practice and meet with Confex Tech Support and student assistants . During this time, presenters and session chairs can test their audio, video, and screen share abilities, and ask any questions they may have before the session.

  • Ensure you have a good internet connection

  • Speakers/Session chairs will not need to download Zoom if they cannot or do not feel comfortable doing so. They can access the sessions in the Zoom Web Client: zoom web client.

    • If you are using zoom’s browser/web client, be sure to check feature limitations here. 

    • Note for WEB CLIENT ONLY: Screen sharing on Microsoft Edge requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise. It is not supported on Windows 10 Home. If you are running Windows 10 Home and need to share your screen, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Screen sharing is not supported on Safari.

  • When it’s time to start the meeting, turn on your camera and mic and welcome participants to your session. Remember to make an announcement to your audience that their microphones should be muted throughout the presentation(s). Let them know that if they need technical assistance, they can send a direct message to Confex Tech Support in the Chat.

  • A few minutes before the meeting starts, admit attendees into the meeting from the waiting room by clicking Admit All. Next, disable your waiting room by clicking More (or the “…”) at the bottom of the Participants window and then click Enable Waiting Room to uncheck/disable it.

  • Be sure your presentation is open and ready to be shared before you begin to share your screen. Nothing else should be open on your desktop. Click on Share Screen. This will bring up a window giving you several options for screens/applications to share.

    • If you have audio/video in your presentation, click Share sound at the bottom left of your screen before you click Share.

    • When you’re ?nished with your presentation and taking questions, click the red Stop Share button in your meeting control bar at the top of your screen. This will allow the next presenter to share their screen as this meeting is con?gured to allow only one participant to share their screen at a time.

  • Pre-Record Presentations:

    • The preferred (safest) option is to download pre-recorded talks to your computer. Alternatively, before the meeting begins, go to your session in the Online Program/Meeting App. Click the link to open the prerecorded presentation and leave this tab/window open so it’s ready to share.

    • Open the video. Go back to Zoom, then click Share Screen. Check the Share Sound box at the bottom left of the screen. Be sure to turn the volume all the way up on the video player as well as on your computer. Then click Share.

    • Bring video to fullscreen (if it’s not already) and press Play.

Also you can view the All Attendees page to see tips for everyone.