Roger Pielke Sr Symposium

This symposium will celebrate and honor Professor Roger A. Pielke Sr. for his distinguished career over half a century as a researcher, educator, and leader in atmospheric science and related fields. As one of the most accomplished atmospheric scientists in the world with an H-index of 100, he is the authority on the understanding and modeling of land surface impact (e.g., land cover and land use change, surface heterogeneities) on weather and climate, the co-developer of the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS), the author of the most popular textbook on mesoscale meteorological modeling, and a pioneer in interdisciplinary science. He has also provided exceptional service to our field, including three Chief Editor positions that require substantial time commitments (including AMS Monthly Weather Review and Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences). 


Call for Papers

Papers for the Roger A. Pielke Sr. Symposium are solicited on the following topics: 

  • Land-atmosphere interaction (invited speaker: Dev Niyogi) 
  • Regional weather and climate modeling (invited speaker: William Cotton) 
  • Climate variability & change (invited speaker: Pier Luigi Vidale) 
  • Interdisciplinary sciences (including machine learning, nonlinear dynamics) (invited speaker: Pavel Kabat) 

Conference Contacts

For additional information, please contact the program chairs: Xubin Zeng (, Roni Avissar (, and Tsengdar J. Lee (